This work reflects upon the idea of home. Through documentary photography of architectural spaces that once held the title of “home” in my life, I seek to convey senses of investment and loss. Complex layers of thread create the photographs to physically convey the narrative of time invested in various homes. Each piece concludes with an empty architectural space due to a decomposition of emotional ties. In this work, I have combined a domestic and time-intensive medium with the experience of empty connections to physical spaces. These are depictions of places that held emotional abundance, but are now seen as remnants of once sacred places.

S. Sandoval, 20"x20", 2015


Eagle Rock Ave, 20"x20", 2015

N. Forest St., 20"x20", 2015

Lincoln St., 20"x20", 2015

Park Ave , 20"x20", 2015

Park Ave, 20"x20", 2015

22nd St. , 20"x20", 2015

22nd St., 20"x20", 2015

Westerly Rd, 20"x20", 2015

53rd Ave, 20"x20", 2015

High St., 20"x20", 2015

"There need be nothing preternaturally sweet or homespun about the moods embodied in domestic spaces. These spaces can speak to us of the sombre as readily as they can of the gentle. There is no necessary connection between the concepts of home and of prettiness; what we call a home is merely any place that succeeds in making more consistently available to us the important truths which the wider world ignores, or which our distracted and irresolute selves have trouble holding on to.
As we write, so we build: to keep a record of what really matters to us."

- A. De Botton, The Architecture of Happiness