Camille Crocetti


Camille Crocetti

I adored Stockholm. The streets were filled with history, the people were kind, the food was delicious and the architecture was just to die for. I stayed at the most perfect Airbnb on the edge of Södermalm and Hornstull. It was a private apartment that looked out to a lovely courtyard, fully equip with all the cooking and general living supplies I could need. My host was gracious and kind, and I had a truly wonderful stay. (It is available for booking here!)

My neighborhood was quaint and I loved roaming the streets peeping into windows of sleek Scandinavian design stores and clothing stores that reminded me greatly of the "Two Girls, Two Shirts" Portlandia skit... The air was brisk, the leaves were falling, and my heart swooned over every detail. 

I would love to tell you of some grand adventures I had while in Stockholm, but the honest truth is that I was jetlagged, tired, and thrilled to simply stroll and take it all in. The roads were full of culture and history. Every coffee shop I entered greeted me warmly. The way of life seemed simple and calm - exactly the way I liked it. 

Above - construction at Slussen (looking over to Gamla Stan), which is only significant if you know that it is the central station and made public transit to and from Södermalm quite difficult. Don't fret, I made due. 

A brief pause to show you two of my most favorite things.

The most delicious potato twists I have ever consumed. Yes, I did eat 3 bags of these in my 5 days in Stockholm. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would kill to have these readily available to me in the States. 

The store where dreams are made - Papercut. I wandered into this shop on more than one occasion and drooled over the abundance of beautiful journals that filled the walls. Everything from Kinfok to Drift to Gather to the Gentlewoman to Cereal Mag to Openhouse to les others to Hole & Corner + everything in between. Pure heaven. 
Pictured - the Kinfolk home and travel issues side by side. I found it fitting to find these comforts on my journeys. 

On my final day in the city, I took the ferry to Djurgården to see the Vasamuseum and Skansen. Skansen happened to be closed due to the time of year, but I had the most wonderful time wandering around the area through lush piles of fallen leaves, soaking in every Swedish moment before me. 

The Vasa is a Swedish warship built in 1626. She sailed about 1300m on her maiden voyage before sinking just outside the Stockholm harbor. In the 1960s, she was finally rediscovered and excavation and preservation began. Today she sits in her mighty splendor, 98% reconstructed with original materials. She is massive and beautiful, and quite flawed in design (hence her quick demise). She is still being preserved today, and will likely be done in the next few years. 

Stockholm, you were just my pace. You had the most beautiful presence and I loved every second of our journey together. Hopefully I will be back someday soon.