Katey + Bryson: Engaged

08.13.2015 || Katey & Bryson: engaged

Witnessing your best friend fall in love with the man of her dreams is an extremely special experience. Katey and I have been hand in hand, walking through our young adulthood together for the last four years. We have seen each other through many a heartbreak, spiritual growth, immense joy, and each and every day we have watched as God has pursued our relationship/friendship/sisterhood. 

When Katey first told me of Bryson, I felt in my heart that he was something special. I knew Katey so very well and I could see that this man she had met was unlike any she had fallen for in the past. He was patient with their relationship. He put Jesus at the center of everything. He pursued her with kindness and respect. He was all the things Katey had once told me she felt she needed in a future husband. 

And their love grew. And grew. And grew. 

And before I knew it, this once stranger that I had prayed would bring my best friend closer to our Maker became my friend, too. Bryson and I were planning surprise parties for Katey, getting to know each other at countless dinner parties, and bonding over the presence of this incredible person in our lives. He and I can both attest to the light that radiates off of Katey when she walks into a room; the way that she draws in each and every person she encounters; her bravery to embark on journeys without any doubts. 
(And if we are being honest, let’s not forget her flawless hair - seriously, this girl is my hair queen.)

Today Katey and Bryson are engaged and my heart is more than full. To know that the woman I call my soul sister is becoming one with a man who balances her, centers her, and cherishes her as much as (okay, fine, probably more than) I do brings me immense peace and happiness. AND on top of all of that, I get to do what I love in conjunction with the love emanating from their very bones. 

Katey and Bryson, thank you for letting me capture your moments. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for reminding me that the love of Christ is alive each and every day.