Artist Introduction.

I am a third year student at Western Washington University, majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography, and minoring in Art History and Sociology. My roots lie in the southwest, born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but my artistic inspiration and growth has come from living in the Pacific Northwest. I come from a background with experience in portraiture, but have used the majority of my time in the WWU Art Department to explore different facets of photography, currently studying multiple exposures.

My most recent photography explores architecture, line, layering of shapes and patterns, and distorted views in association with multiples exposures. My current series layers views of modern architecture and challenges the viewer’s perspective of common subjects, creating a complex environment in which the viewer interacts further with a single image by unfolding the layers of the work. Fascinated with the interaction between human and environment, my work seeks to provide composite and angular perspectives of architecture that depict the space in a manner unattainable by the human eye without the aid of technology. Through these photographs, I strive to use the multilayered views to transport the viewer into a space that is familiar yet foreign, simple yet involved, and attainable yet unrecognizable. 

In an ongoing exploration of photographic multiple exposures using different mediums, I shoot using 120mm film and a Holga camera (with a 6x4.5 frame mask), 35mm film, as well as digitally with a Canon 5D Mark iii.