A Burning Desire

08.12.2014 || Lately I have a burning desire to be making more meaningful and more abundant art.

Today I finally finished a project that has been in the works for almost a whole year now (see it in September if you’re in bham! - more info coming soon) which is the longest I’ve spent on any one concept. A seven-hour lab day today with Ashley (my number-one superstar comrade) and Quinton (the crazy man who is embarking alongside me towards a Photo BFA this upcoming year) has me feeling a sense of accomplishment and inspiration. 

From here I feel like my options are endless, which is SO FREEING, yet crippling at the same time. There is an abundance of ideas floating around in my head, access to materials (a.k.a. a cabinet full of silver paper, the new/old 1957 Singer 99k that I just restored, an entire photo lab to myself, AND two Mamiyas currently in my possession - WOW), and an incredible drive inside of me to create new things. 

Pouring your heart into something you love is frightening, and sometimes it doesn’t go as planned -  but if you are passionate about it, it is so worth the energy. For the next two weeks I will be spending much needed time at home (Albuquerque) and traveling to California and I cannot wait to see how the desert will influence my work.
(What will I make? Who will I photograph? Will I discover new things? Where will I go?) 

With Mamiya, Polaroid and Moleskine in hand, I will report back as swiftly as possible to share whatever my heart decides to pursue.