August in ABQ, III

08.17.2014 || August in ABQ, Snapshots III

On a beautiful, warm (ninety-four degrees, ouch) Sunday afternoon, my parents treated me to a belated birthday wine tasting at Casa Rondeña. Despite the packed wine bar, we somehow secured a cozy spot in a little cubby with a window overlooking the vineyard. (Might I add that this window allowed some A+ light to sneak in.)

I was able to sample and learn about nine different wines, and share the experience with my wine-enthusiast parents who have allowed me to expand my pallet profoundly by my twenty-first year (we are Italian, after all). I am so grateful for their knowledge, company and patience in the heat as I romped around the vineyard afterwards, shooting a roll of Portra 160 on the Mamiya C330 that I haven’t put down all summer. Hugest of thank you’s to them, as they have supported and guided me not only through this tumultuous summer, but through my last few growing years as a young adult. (Look out, I’ve only completed one year of my twenties… nine more to go.)

Oh, and in case you were curious, my favorite wines were the 2010 Cabernet Franc Rosé and the 2013 Serenade.