August in ABQ, IV

08.21.2014 || August in ABQ, Snapshots IV

So much strength can lie within one furry little creature. Over the past week I have gotten to know this six-month-old German shepherd mix pretty well, and I must say that he lives up to his name. Indi (short for independence) has two broken back legs - but spend five minutes with him and you would never know it. It is as if broken bones have no connection to his ignited spirit and he is completely unaware of his condition. I am by no means a “dog person,” but this little fellow has taken my hurting heart and made it swell a little bit bigger.

There are some moments when he is equivalent to a two-year-old who is hungry and hasn’t had a nap and wants to play in the silverware drawer - I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t know she was raising another child when she welcomed him into his new home - but despite these tantrums and spurts of insane puppy energy, he is truly one of the greatest dogs I have ever met. He has an energy that is loud with love and compassion and will do anything in his power to make sure he is always by your side. Spending time with him and feeling his love has brought a healing of its own.